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Effortlessly stay organized with our data management system. Say goodbye to scattered data and hello to streamlined processes. Easily access and manage all your client and contract data from one centralized location. Free up your valuable time to focus on what really matters in your life.


Simplify your workload and stay on top of your client data effortlessly. With our data management system, you can manage your client and contract data from one convenient platform, eliminating the hassle of redundant data and multiple systems. Spend more time focusing on your clients and less on admin tasks. Try it out today and work more efficiently with increased profitability.


With our data management system, you can access and manage your client information anytime, anywhere. No matter where you are, you can stay on top of your client relationships and provide them with the best service possible.

Data Security

At Insurance Buffalo, we prioritize the security and confidentiality of your client data. Our advanced systems ensure that your data is not only easily accessible, but also well-protected from potential threats. With us, you can trust that your data is safe and always

Best Overview

With our data management system, you can easily keep track of all your clients and contracts in one centralized location. This allows you to quickly access the information you need, when you need it, providing you with a comprehensive overview of your business operations. Stay fast, efficient and always organized with our powerful management tool.


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Latest Updates

Introducing Our Latest Feature: Automated Reminders

Note Reminder

May 2023 — We're excited to announce the release of a highly requested feature: automated reminders. With this new update, you'll be able to set reminders directly from your client notes, making it easier than ever to stay on top of your to-do list.

Once you've added a note to a client, simply set a date and time for the reminder, and we'll take care of the rest. You'll receive a notification in your account at the designated time. We'll also send you an email to ensure you never miss a task.

But that's not all - our automated reminders are designed to keep you connected with your clients too. Each email reminder will include the client's details as well, so you're always in the loop.

Say goodbye to missed tasks and hello to a more efficient workflow with our new automated reminders. Try it out today!

Oh, and apart from that we also started adding dates to our updates, so you can see how busy we are. 😉

Your Insurance Buffalo Logo Insurance Buffalo Team

Exciting News: Insurance Buffalo Pre-Release Version is Here!

Pre-Launching Website

April 2023 — We're excited to announce the pre-release version of Insurance Buffalo, the data management system designed specifically for insurance brokers and agents! Managing client data has never been easier, thanks to our intuitive and straightforward platform.

Key features of Insurance Buffalo include:

  • Client management tools
  • Contract tracking with important date notifications
  • Commission earnings tracking
  • A messaging system to communicate with multiple clients at once
  • A public business page to get your business and name indexed by popular search engines

As a development company that works with insurance brokers, we understand the importance of managing client data with ease and efficiency. Our platform is continuously evolving and improving based on the needs of our clients. We're committed to providing you with the best product possible, and we value your feedback and suggestions.

For a limited time, we're offering a three-month free trial when you sign up now! And if you sign up during this limited time offer, you'll also receive half off your first payment period. Don't miss out on this opportunity to revolutionize your insurance business with Insurance Buffalo. But hurry - this offer is only valid until May 12th.

We want to take a moment to thank everyone who has provided us with valuable input and feedback during our development process. Your support and encouragement have been essential to our success.

We will continue to test, develop, and polish the system according to your needs, and we look forward to a full launch soon. Sign up today and discover how Insurance Buffalo can transform your insurance business!

Your Insurance Buffalo Logo Insurance Buffalo Team

A more comprehensive view on all your contracts and their commissions.

Analysing Commission

Usually we write you when a new version is released. This time we feel you should really know about our new feature. You can now see all contracts that have set a commission and which have payed out anything to date. This allows you a much more comprehensive view on your commissions.

With this feature you can check your income and make sure your payments are in line with what you receive into your bank account.

Go ahead and check it out.

Your Insurance Buffalo Logo Insurance Buffalo Team


  • Further tweaks to improve the experience on small screens, esp. in the Commission section of your profile.

Keeping track of every detail has become MUCH easier!

Taking Notes

You asked. We answered. When first creating the Insurance Buffalo system, we felt that every client file has the need tofor indiviadual notes. We still feel this way, but with your input the Notes got charged. You will notice that every Client file now has a new Tab called "Notes". You can now add unlimited notes which get timestamped automatically.

If you are on a cellphone or tablet, you can even use your voice dictation feature to speed this up.

Of course you can delete these notes at your pleasure. Oh, and do not worry: the notes you made so far are safe and still in (almost) the same place.

We hope that this new feature will help you remember more about your CLients and thus provide better service. We have more planned for these notes.

Why not head over to your Clients files and see for yourself.

Due to the new Notes feature we also rearranged the Client file a little. We hope you can navigate it faster now.

Your Insurance Buffalo Logo Insurance Buffalo Team


  • Round one of our huge optimizations for small screens. You will find huge improvements in all Client pages (listing, detail. etc.). More to follow.

  • When the Client List Mode is off, the table will show alternate colors for improved readability (esp. on small screens)


  • Some security improvements when updating Clients.

  • Clients were always flagged as managed by another user. We apologize for that.

  • Fixed an error in the password recovery section.

Version 0.9.5 round some rough edges.

Many "under-the-hood" fixes. Most have been aimed at securing your data. Some have been to smoothen out some edges. The Client search, for example, is just a bit faster now. We also added some polish in the visual area by adding some missing icons and images.

Your Insurance Buffalo Team


  • Under rare circumstanes the dialogue for deleting a client was not shown.

  • Security fixes (e.g. a Client cannot be deleted if still part of a contract).

  • When deleting a User, the user's contrats were not always properly transferred to another user.

  • Some minor layout issues have been cleaned up.

  • Improvements in the layout on small screens (we are working on further optimizations).

Version 0.9.4 solidifies the foundation.

Fixing bugs

To ensure the safety of your data and have the system run stable and smooth, we addressed a number of necessary fixes. Some of the most important ones you find at the end.

Examples for this is that in the New C0ntract and Associated Contract Clients interfaces no Client is now selected by default. Like so you do not run into the situation of accidentally selecting a client.

Nonetheless, we do want to present you with a new and polished notificaion system. In your profile you find notifications about your contracts. We will still expand them as we continue to develop the system. So far you can let the system send you a daily reminder if any contracts will reach its mature date soon. You can set the reminder period in your settings.

We have also redesigned the Client file (Client Details). It is now much more compact and will surelly speed up your work.

We also moved to our new home,

Your Insurance Buffalo Team


  • Under rare circumstanes a user was able to see the clients of another user.

  • Notifications can be set to auto-delete in the settings.

  • A user can only use the Brands of the Account Owner.

  • A user can only use the Contract Types of the Account Owner.

  • A user's clients count toward the total allowed amount of clients for the Account Owner.

  • Saving a Client record could lead to an error under rare circumstances.

  • Quality of life: when deleting a user, this user's Contracts and Clients can be assigned to another user.

Version 0.9.3 brings a precise view on your commission earnings.

We have worked our socks off to present you with one of our largest updates. What is new?

The Commission System

From now in you can manage all your commision earnings right from here. All you need to do is enter which commission you get for the various contract types you have in your portfolio.

Commission system screenshot

The rest is done by the system automatically. In your profile you find a new tab called "Commission". There you find your most successful contracts to data as well as other useful information.

Brief notes that might lead to misunderstandings if you are unaware of them:

  • If a Contract has no Client with the role "Payer" attached to it, no commission can be calculated. So best make sure you attach the person paying for the insurance policy every time.

  • We have also made sure that no commission is calculated for those contracts which have matured.

Your brands are no longer permanent.

Brands can be deleted now. Don't worry, though. You cannot delete them by accident. We put some security in place. Like this:

Screenshot of message confirmig brand deletion

This way you do not have to fear accidental clicks. Of course, once you hit "Yes", your brand is gone.

But hold on. What if the Brand is already part of a Contract Type? Won't this mess things up? Glad you asked. If you attempt to delete such a brand, this happens:

Screenshot of notification showing security alert: the brand is already in use

So you see, all is safe. You can get rid of Brands you might have accidentally created or are no longer in use.

As always, please let us know if you feel we can do better somewhere.

Why chose us?

At Insurance Buffalo, we understand that your clients are your top priority. That's why we're committed to providing you with a tool that puts your business and your clients' needs first. We've collaborated closely with insurance experts to create a system that aligns with your daily operations and provides you with the freedom to manage your clients as you see fit.

Our Customer Management System is not only a product of our collaboration with insurance brokers and agents, but also the result of ongoing development and regular updates based on voluntary feedback. We're always listening to our users and staying on top of their wishes and needs.

We're proud to offer features that enable you to efficiently manage your clients, communicate with them seamlessly, set up contracts, and keep track of your commissions. And with many new features on the horizon, we're confident that our system will exceed your expectations.

Choose Insurance Buffalo and experience the benefits of a customer management system designed with you in mind. We're excited to work with you and help take your business to the next level.

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